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Scotland and the disempowerment of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Scotland says NO... What happens next? ... read more

Guernsey Press Agrees to Cover-Up

At the start of his tenure as editor of the Guernsey Press in June, Shaun Green promised to get to the bottom of everything, even if it made life uncomfortable for some. There would be no hiding place. ... read more

All Politicians Officially Defined as Terrorists as they Attempt to Influence Government

Simply by talking to your elected representatives you are now classed as a terrorist ... read more

Do Two Wrongs Make An Amnesty?

Do the wrongdoings of police officers in the past and the present allow them to absolve themselves of their duties and responsibilities when there are bigger fish to fry? ... read more

Police Acting with and for Bailiff Neanderthal Thugs

What Would George Orwell Have Said About Airport Security & The War on Terror?

Walking a Path Less Crooked

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior – Saying Goodbye to Non-Essential Stuff

UK Column: Incompetence, Unprofessionalism or Worse?

Awake Radio TV Starts 28 June 2014

Seeding the Media with Genetically Modified Facts to Crop Humanity

The European Elections ~ 'Voting' for an Undemocratic Institution is the Ultimate Hypocrisy

Guernsey: The Lion that squeaks or the mouse that roars?

Morals Have Become 'Unsustainable' When Human Bodies Are Cooked To Keep The Lights On

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior - Taking the Fight Deep behind Enemy Lines.

Don’t Look Over There! ~ The BBC Said to Look Over Here...

"Sorry"…. Does it really always seem to be the hardest word?

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior - A Call to Action

I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore

'Extreme' Carbon Dioxide Reduction will be a Death Sentence for Humanity & Planet Earth

The Community Press Group Covers Budget Day 2014 and the Campaign to Reintroduce The Bradbury Pound

Are Charities & Corporations Racist?

The Day after the Clause 119 Vote

Invasive Non-Natives ~ Health Freedom Update

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior

Fracking, Airports and Nepotism

Your Hospital Could be Closed in Just 40 Days

Atos ~ The Geo-Engineering Connection:- Who is disabling us and why?

Being Butchered by Agenda 21 - There's Something Fishy Going On

Alan Taylor-Shearer talks with Henry Bellingham MP about his views on Atos

Clean air and water… Whatever next? Ozone Therapy?

A Tsunami of Propaganda Can't Disguise a Flood of Lies

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior – The Insurance of Food.

What would you do if you went to your local supermarket and found it was closed? - PERMANENTLY. It’s an interesting question isn’t it? ... read more

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior – Using the Tool of Failure.

On hearing the word ‘failure’ one instinctively links the word to loss, setback, guilt, shame, and a host of other negative reactions, which only make us feel worse in ourselves and do nothing to improve our overall well-being on our life journey. ... read more

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior – Living the Warrior Code

Last time we discussed the importance of not buying designer goods because they are often “designed” to give you a false perception about yourself and the importance of buying goods which will help to empower both you and your family. ... read more

Financial Governance in Guernsey Sinks to New Low

“Publications which depict Guernsey in a poor light are not good for Guernsey” ... read more

Do You have a Healthy Social Life?

Awake Radio with Reality Bytes & The Endgame with Guest Clive de Carle

Democracy… Pah! There has to be a better way…

David Icke & The People's Voice Documentary - Unmasking a Messiah

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior - Using Your Very Own Directed Energy Weapon

Reality Bytes Radio talks to Native Indian Chief Charles Twodog and Tracey Kennedy

It's About Time We Divided The Rulers

F1's Latest Death: A Coincidence Too Far?

The Recycling Mafia Working to the Agenda 21 Blueprint

Another Guernsey Conflict of Interest Fiasco: Is This Honeygate?

Crime Pays... Especially if You're a Chief Constable

NHS Freedom of Information Request ~ Does Not Vaccinating Your Child Constitute 'Neglect'?

Immunising the 'Herd' - Unvaccinated Child Classed as 'Neglected' by Hertfordshire Social Workers

Are They Constables and Officers or Have the Police Now Become Bailiffs?

Amused to Death

Police Protection of Politicians and the Mainstream Media ~ Budget Day Sanitisation

Money, Money, Money, ~ Must be Funny, ~ In the Rich Man's World

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior – Escaping the Grid and Creating Your Own Opportunities

It's Time to Stop Believing the Unbelievable

Chemtrails Over Norfolk ~ Video

Downtrodden Trott: A Paving Stone Called Lyndon

Manufactured Nuclear Armageddon ~ Is a Mushroom Cloud Looming on the Horizon?

Reality Bytes Radio Interview with The Telegraph's Christopher Booker Discussing the Somerset Floods

Killing People to save Animals and the Environment.

Manmade Pollution & Manmade Climate Change: Green Party 'Denial' on Chemtrails

Alan Taylor-Shearer Reports from the Atos Demo in Norwich - Feb. 19th 2014

Reality Bytes Radio - 20th Feb 2014 - Discussing Atos and the Natalie Bennett Incident Plus an Interview with The Telegraph's Christopher Booker on the Somerset Floods.

Never Let a Good Flooding Crisis Go to Waste, But Just to Make Sure, Plan the Floods First

New Beginnings for Live Pulse News and Awake Radio TV

From the 1st September 2014 the CPG site will be moving to it’s new permanent home ... read more

Cash to Step Down - But More Trouble Ahead as Guernsey Pays Price of Secrecy

• Whose name is on the next bullet? • Former Treasury Minister linked to De Putron Fund Management ... read more

Reality Bytes with Guest Alan Watt (Podcast for download)

July 17th Podcast with Alan Watt ... read more

Chemtrails and the Eye/Brain ON/OFF Switch

Have you noticed the glazed look on the faces of people when you mention certain things that should concern them? They 'switch off'. ... read more

Dame Butler Sloss has resigned as head of the child abuse inquiry

The Dirty Douzaine and the Town Centre S(t)inking Ship

Reality Bytes Radio - Thursday, 3rd July with Guest Susanne Posel

Reality Bytes Radio - The Depopulation Debate

Royal Nazism and the Hypocrisy of Austerity

The Future of The Community Press Group

The Rise of the Unarmed Warrior - Escaping the Drudgery of Your Present Job

GcMAF: The Peddlers and The Meddlers


What Will it Take for the UK Population to Get Pi**ed off?

Sleaze, Corruption and Depravity… How Many More Politicians Will We Allow to Get Away With It?

Weird Global Attitudes & Our Blindness to Slavery

The Community Press Group guests on Doomwatch with Host Alex G

Pushing the Envelope of Corruption as Royal Mail ‘Secret Buyers’ Post Huge Profits at the Expense of Taxpayers

Mark My Words ~ It Doesn't Take MI5 To See Through Windows - Update

Please Disengage You Brain Before Applying For a Job in Airport Security ~ It's For Your Own safety

Fracking Shills v. Fracking Experts

If You Think It's A Good Idea Then You Go First

Capita ~ Who's Watching the Watchers?

AGENDA 21: Geoengineering Poisons Your Drinking Water Day In Day Out, NOT Hydraulic Fracturing

Eugenics ~ No Blusher or Lipstick Required ~ Just Don't Have Children

Reality Bytes Radio, Thurs. 6th March with Guest Charlotte Iserbyt - Former Senior Advisor to Ronald Reagan

William Hague & Angelina Jolie ~ Raping Reality as a PR Stunt

Inert Deputies Put Guernsey in an Impossible Position: Chief Minister Resigns (Correction at the end of the article)

Is 'Nymphomaniac' the Next Big Push?

A Demonstration Against the Barbarity of Atos - Video Interviews

The Ugly Face of Eco-Fascism – Step Forward Natalie Bennett

An Open Letter to Somerset County Council

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